Are you behind on payments?

Sell your house fast for cash or terms.

Behind on your mortgage payments? This can be a problem because banks will hound you until you're caught up. If you've been behind on mortgage payments for too long, the bank will foreclose and take your home including all of the equity you've built up.

We help homeowners in these situations by purchasing your home and stopping foreclosure in its tracks. Whether you need a cash offer, or you just need us to take over payments and get rid of the mortgage headache, we want to help.

Reach out to us by using the form on this page and one of our friendly experts will help you. You won't receive endless calls and texts from a bunch of different companies like others out there - just us. There's no obligation therefore no risk. We buy houses in as-is condition and we'll take care of the closing costs!


We'd like to make you an offer on your home or property now. The process is quick and obligation-free.
  • Sell a pretty house fast

    Protect Your Credit From Foreclosure

    A foreclosure on your credit report can have some serious damaging consequences. Foreclosures stay on your consumer credit report for years and it would make it tough for you to obtain credit in the future. If you are behind on payments currently, then you've already got a ding on your credit report. Selling your home to us before a foreclosure happens can actually improve things and reduce the damage.

    Don't let a foreclosure ruin your credit for a decade or more. Not when you have other options at your disposal. We buy houses from good folks like yourself who simply need another chance and some relief. By selling your home now, you can begin to rebuild your American Dream and secure another home in the future when you've had a chance to fix your finances.

  • We Work With Banks

    Do you need us to take-over payments? We work with the banks directly and can purchase your home "subject to", even if you have little to no equity.

    Banks would rather work with a buyer and continue to receive monthly mortgage payments rather than own real estate. In most cases, the bank will welcome the new buyer's payments without a hiccup.

    When we buy houses sub2, we care for it like any other property that we own.

    Sell us your ugly house. We buy fixer-uppers.

Why sell for cash or terms rather than listing?

Your home can be sold very fast when you sell it for cash or terms. Unlike retail listings in many cases, selling to an investor for cash or through creative terms allows for the fastest sale possible. read more

We've got answers to your questions!

Our experts are here and ready for your phone calls and emails. Before you need to seek out help, we may have the answers right here for you. Check out our F.A.Q page for many questions and answers. If you still need help or wish to go straight to into contacting us, here is our contact page.

About the process and how it works.

The 1st step is to request an offer which can be done through this page or by calling ...

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